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    GWR-I industrial cellular router series consists of a GWR-I and GWR-I High Speed cellular routers and represents a group of industrial graded routers especially designed for expansion of existing industrial networks, remote telemetry and data acquisition in harsh environments. Low transmission delay and very high data rates (up to 100 Mbps) offered by existing cellular networks completely eliminate the need for very complex installation of wired infrastructure in industrial environments. Easy to install, reliable and high performance router models from GWR-I series introduce a completely new dimension into industrial networking area. The complete series inherited the basic concept of GWR cellular router series – "reliability comes first". Therefore all router models have dual SIM card support. The form factor of the router is adjusted to industrial environments and DIN rail mounting kit is part of standard equipment for GWR-I series. With a robust all-metal case and top quality components inside, durability of the product is guaranteed.

    INDUSTRIAL Datasheet
  • GWR202/252 STANDARD

    GWR252 router is a professional solution for M2M applications based on medium data rates (download speed of up to 236.8Kbps, upload speed of up to 236.8Kbps). As all other products from GWR cellular router series GWR252 has a complete set of advanced features and GWR dedicated management and monitoring software. No matter if the targeted application is connecting ATM machines or weather station data collection or any similar application, this high performance router will be equally stable and reliable.

    STANDARD Datasheet