The People

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"Diversity: the art of thinking independently together."

- Malcolm Forbes

The People of HighTech

Andreas Luther, entrepreneur and a certified supply chain specialist, well known in his field of expertise amongst many industrial automation companies and others. 15 years in leading positions in this business has given him a unique top view of the whole spectra involving all recognized vendors as well as end customers in the embedded markets. He sits at the board and is a Co-founder and the CEO of HighTech IoT Nordic AB. Andreas works rigorously to bring together all the aspects of his new seat as well as providing the hawk-eye vision and know-how when constructing the supply chain for this company all the while when focusing on sustainability and win-win for all parties involved, from supplier, to middle man, to integrator and finally end-customer

Keith Jeminen, CTO, board member and Co-founder of HighTech IoT Nordic AB. Keith’s field of expertise lies in the technical management and integration of processes and systems throughout the company. His 10 diversative years spent among production, support and management seats has led to a unique set of skills that lets him work efficiently with all technical matters all the while keeping all key points tended to. Keith has worked with all kinds of hardware and systems and has a genuine knowledge of a broad range of fields. Key points being; installation packing for hospitals, documentation for ISO standards, product development, custom made Embedded operating systems, OS customization and advanced hardware and software troubleshooting as well as new system integrations including but not limited to EPR-systems, support and service and cloud migration.

Lennart Neovius, board member and mentor. Lennart Neovius was contacted by the founders in an early stage of the company’s creation due to his many years of expertise and unique set of skills he could provide a lot of input, to say the least. Lennart Neovius being the programmer and creator of many applications including but not limited to Soundswell Voice Analysis software, is widely recognized in his field of expertise and his vast experience in this line of business comes into play anytime there´s a hard-to-crack problem or case when we, the founders, need input. For several years he was the CTO of Andreas and Keith’s old firm, and then he started his business; Neovius Data & Signalsystem AB, focused on his key business and own products instead.