The Services

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The Hightech Services

"We know more than we can tell."

- Michael Polanyi

HighTech IoT Nordic AB´s vast fields of expertise plays well when we build our services portfolio. Please have a look below for a brief cut-out of the services provided. And keep in mind the words of Michael above, which tells you that we have plenty more to offer as tacit knowledge comes into play. 

  • Hard-to-get-items procurement - The act of finding and sourcing End-of-Life (EOL) or obsolete items for our customers. - Ever needed a main board for a critical equipment that hasn't been fabricated for 5-years?
  • Embedded & industrial systems - We know how to specify and choose software and hardware for specific applications and needs.
  • Embedded operating systems - Ever felt that commercial operating systems are bloated with the wrong functions or open for manipulation and software errors? Choose embedded OSes. We know all about it.
  • OEM Branding - We can brand the product to your specifications. Logos, settings, plugins, packaging and even a leaf-let. Diverse your products, brand them!
  • System assembly & testing - We have key point knowledge of both software and hardware. We assemble, install and test the systems to make sure that the systems work properly.